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Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Social Media, Twitter | Posted on 09-14-2010

Twitter has changed some people’s lives by allowing us to connect with kindred spirits and talk about a wide variety of subjects.  Looking to express what your twitter friends mean to you? This Twitter Love Song is written and produced by Marcome & Bruno Pelletier.   The song takes inspiration from songwriter Marcome’s (@Marcome) Twitter friendship with Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu), according to the song’s YouTube profile.   “I would really like to give a huge thank you to Reg Saddler for inspiring me to do this Twitter Song project,” Marcome says in the profile. “I’m grateful to my friends and followers on Twitter who gave me so much love and kindness. I’m proud to be alive because you are there with me!” As the song goes:

Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you
Twitter me some love

Watch the video:

Marcome (pronounced Marko-may) is a singer songwriter from Canada.  She was born in Quebec and speaks both English and French.  Gifted with a pure voice, she blends lyrics and fuses different world influences with jazz style and classical vocals.  Check out her website and blog where she talks about the making of the Twitter Me Some Love and the Music Video.   Click here pics of Marcome.  Bruno Pelletier is also a vocalist from Quebec.   For info on him go here and for pics of Bruno here.

Check out this article on Marcome and her Twitter love song by Simone Preuss

image courtesy of Marcomé

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