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TweetDeck has been my Twitter Control Center for several months and now with Version 0.26 it’s even more powerful:

TweetDeck Beta page

Newest features:

  • Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts – (for you split personality types)
  • Sync and Backup – to keep your TweetDeck safe
  • Spam button – use this to avoid twitter spam
  • iPhone – take all your TweetDeck favorites, groups, columns etc. with you!

Other features:

  • Columns -You can display one column or many columns. I typically keep 10 columns open.

Tweetdeck 3 columns

  • Groups – View your followers in specific groups, which have their own column.
  • Notifications – shows you new updates from peeps you’re following, replies, DMs, or 1 of your groups or searches.

Tweetdeck Notifications

  • Facebook – Update Facebook from TweetDeck
  • Constant updating – you can adjust the frequency of of updates from “All Friends”, “@Mentions” and “DMs” – no need to manually refresh all the time

Tweetdeck Settings - Twitter API

  • Video – Record, share and watch video clips from within TweetDeck
  • Photos – View photo thumbnails directly from TweetDeck
  • Short URL – Shorten a URL without leaving tweetdeck!
  • Searches – Do a search on your name and find out what others are saying about you on twitter. Find out about an event, an organization or a person by searching for a name, keyword or hashtag.
  • Saved Searches – Follow topics real-time and save your searches

Tweet - TweetDeck v 0.26.1

Visit the TweetDeck blog


  • Hashtag – like tags, just prefix a word with the hash symbol – #: #mac, #iphone or #fb, used to create “groupings” on twitter
  • – check out this site for real-time tracking of Hashtags: Trends, Tags, People, etc.
  • Follow@hashtags on Twitter on twitter
  • Use – hashtags in your tweets by preceding your key words with the #, i.e. #socialmedia
  • Hashtag Origin – Hashtags were popularized during the San Diego forest fires in 2007 when Nate Ritter used the hashtag "#sandiegofire" to identify his updates related to the disaster. sample

Twitter Fanatics – Check out Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic Desktop for twitter – it’s very good and competes directly with TweetDeck for your attention. Here’s a video of Loic on the New Seesmic Desktop 0.3 Release Seesmic Page 

Resources: Twitter Cheat Sheet – a 2 page pdf

Twitter For The Tweeple – a 17 page pdf (Getting Started with Twitter)

Using Twitter for Business – a 15 page pdf by

John Jantsch Why You Should be on Twitter – a 33 page pdf by

Navin Kabra A True Beginner’s Guide to Getting The Most Out of Twitter – a 22 page pdf by Sarah J. Austin & Linden A. Mueller

The Twitter Power Guide – a 20 page pdf by Christopher S. Penn

Twitter Tuesday Handout – a 7 page pdf by Phil Johncock Using TweetDeck – a 5 page pdf (brief guide to TweetDeck)

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