3 Ways to Put Twitter on Autopilot


Posted by Brandon Eley | Posted in Tools, Twitter | Posted on 08-25-2009

There are only so many hours in the day… and all of us (well, except for maybe Chris Brogan) have other commitments outside of social media. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just put Twitter on autopilot? You can, but first…

Remember, Twitter is about having conversations and building relationships. The more you automate, the less you converse. Use these tools as a way to spark and enhance conversations, not as a way to step back from Twitter completely. Okay, now on to the tools.

Schedule Tweets for a Later Time

Using TweetLater you can schedule individual tweets to be posted at a later time. You can choose either a specific time (i.e. October 13, at 12:40 PM) or a certain interval from now (i.e. 3 hours from now).


TweetLater also has a paid version (starting at $29.97/month) that allows you to setup recurring tweets. The web service also has other features to help you manage your Twitter stream such as automatically following people who follow you (or unfollowing people who unfollow you), and can manage an unlimited number of accounts.

Automatically Post Tweets from an RSS Feed

TwitterFeed lets you automatically post entries from an RSS feed to your Twitter stream… and it doesn’t have to be your RSS feed! You can post any RSS feed to your Twitter stream. There are some really interesting ways you can use this, from posting new content from your websites CMS or blog to automatically posting updates from an industry trade journal.


TwitterFeed also lets you configure advanced options, such as how often you want your feed to update (as often as 30 minutes) and how many updates to post simultaneously. I strongly recommend that you only update one at a time. Updating more than one entry every interval will make your stream look automated and will annoy your followers. Moderation is the key.

Automatically Post to Twitter from Your Website

While you could always use TwitterFeed to post tweets from your website, the tools below allow you to edit or tweak your tweet before it’s published. Shorten them to fit within the 140-character limit or just tweak them for maximum effectiveness.

Have a WordPress blog? Using the Twitter Tools plugin, you can automatically send a tweet every time you publish a blog post.

Don’t have WordPress? If you use ExpressionEngine, check out the LG Twitter plugin. There’s also a Drupal Twitter module.

There you have it!

There you have three easy ways to automate your Twitter stream. I recommend integrating all three into a balanced Twitter diet. Just be careful not to automate too much. I would recommend that no more than 25-30% of your tweets are automated.

Have an additional tip or know of another service that helps you automate Twitter? Post it in the comments below!

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