What Is The Future of Work?


Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Trends | Posted on 01-14-2010

In the future, location will not matter…

Say goodbye to cubicle nation…

Think about this:  The Future of Work is YOU!!!

Wherever You are…


If you would like to see the above video as slides:

10 Years Ago, Social Networking didn’t exist.

20 Years Ago, the Internet didn’t exist.

Who knows what jobs will exist 10 years from now?

The Future of Work:  The Best and Worst Jobs of 2010

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This was a great video and really makes you think of what work is coming to. Work will surely by in Wiki style and have the ability for individuals to work for multiple companies around the world that simply focuses on their true passion and interests.

I’m trying to get ahead of the playing field and will assist people in getting there as best as I can also

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