The Future of Twitter – Loic LeMeur’s 34 Predictions


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Loic LeMeur (founder and CEO of has:

– 34 predictions about the future of twitter –

  • It will reach masses of people
  • They won’t use the same tools as we do
  • It will not be only about Twitter
    -status updates will be open across social software
    -all social software will have status updates
    -Facebook has 40+ million updates a day
  • Twitter will still be dominant in status updates
    it’s the motherboard on which we plug in
  • We will laugh thinking we were updating them all manually
  • The social graph will also open up
  • Twitter will be big to get an idea of a person or a brand reputation
    not by number of followers but mostly influence with retweeting and lists
    lets you think like that person thinks

  • Twitter will replace SMS for millions of people
    -it is portable and archives across devices
    -you don’t need to remember a phone number
    -you are not tied to a mobile operator
  • Twitter might replace Chat for many people, too
    -a DM exchange is very similar to a private chat
    -Twitter lists are very similar to a public chat room
  • Location will be one of the most widespread status update
  • Private updates will be bigger than public updates
    (my kids say…)
  • Public ecommerce status updates won’t work
    buying things is very intimate
  • Live reviews of any place and product will deeply influence it though
  • Promos by brands and retailers will have big success for last minute deals
  • Talking to shops and restaurants via Twitter will become standard
    and will get opt in coupons as we enter a shop, based on location
  • Web will be a fraction of mobile use
  • Dating over Status updates won’t be big
  • Twitter won’t display ads in your main feed
  • Users will get too angry at unsolicited ads
  • Other revenue opportunities such as pro accounts for businesses will be enough
  • There will be more devices publishing updates than humans
    wifi scale, planes, trains, cars all posting updates
  • Corporations will have entire teams devoted to Twitter and status updates
  • Hyperlocal news sites with Twitter geotagging feature
    (thanks, @stevefarnworth)
  • Google and Bing will be the dominant ways to search Twitter
  • Google will have its own Twitter and won’t acquire Twitter
  • There will be a few alternatives for niche search such as brand monitoring
  • Internal Enterprise Twitter like services will become standard
  • Vertical Twitter apps will start to appear
  • Stocktweets is the first one
  • Twitter will remain mostly used outside of
  • Language will evolve adapting to 140char, concise, ignore rules (thanks, @bernard_d)
  • @mentions spam will grow and become a tough to solve issue
  • There will be less and less bullshit in public events and in general
  • It will always be about you, not the tools
  • These 34 predictions are from Loic’s blog



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