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David Druckenmiller

David Druckenmiller

David is an award winning producer and editor of documentary film, television & video with over 20 years of video & television production experience.  His credits include nationally broadcast documentaries, public service announcements, episodic television series and personal biographies as well as many non-broadcast projects including fundraising image pieces, promotional presentations, and informational videos. His work has yielded a number of industry awards including Southeast Regional Emmy Awards, Houston Worldfest Remi Awards, Telly Awards, and Aegis Awards among others.

Send David an email:           druckenmiller [@] mac.com

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Jessica Linnell

Jessica Linnell

Jessica Linnell is a published author, freelance writer, blogger and outdoor enthusiast living in the Atlanta-metro area. She has been published in Atlanta magazine, Cherokee Living, North Fulton Living, and various trade publications.  When she isn’t writing, you can find her hiking a trail, exploring a cave, jumping from an airplane, rock climbing, or searching for a new adventure. Follow her adventures and get tips on enjoying the outdoors at


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Katie Martell

Katie Martell

Katie is a recent Emerson College Marketing & PR grad from the Boston area who spends her days with the guys at NetProspex, doing a little marketing management, and a lot of frisbee.  She works with marketing/PR strategy, promotional design, and new media, with a portfolio of freelance and entrepreneurial fun.  Katie believes in the power of new media, like a good millennial, and the creative ways in which it makes meaningful connections.. but values your ability to hold a conversation unplugged.

Send Katie an email:  katie [@] katiemartell.com

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Brandon Eley

Brandon Eley

Brandon Eley is the Interactive Director for Kelsey Advertising & Design, owner of large shoe retailer 2BigFeet.com, and author of Online Marketing Inside Out.  Brandon is an author, blogger and speaker on e-commerce, online marketing and mobile web development.  He’s considered a leader among his peers and was named the “2008 E-Commerce Guru of the Year” by SitePoint.com, an online community of website professionals and developers with more than 300,000 members worldwide.For more information on writing or speaking opportunities, visit the Speaking page and contact Brandon directly.

Send Brandon an email:  brandon [@] brandoneley.com

Follow Brandon on twitter at: @beley

 Beth Frysztak

Beth Frysztak

A successful marketer & Mom of 2 who thoroughly understands how to build and motivate teams that drive results.  Corporate marketing by day and Social Media by night, Beth is passionate about networking and “all things connected”.  A dynamic strategic consultant with a track record of building highly motivated teams, she has over 24 years of experience working with many of the Fortune 500.  Her specialties are:  Social Media, Twitter, CRM, Database Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, e:Commerce, Channel Integration, Strategic Thought Leadership, Financial Services, High Tech, Retail, Transportation, Privacy Solutions, Market Research, Multi-Channel Data Integration Solutions.

Send Beth an email:  BFrysztak [@] gmail.com  

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 Kent Beatty

 Roger “Kent” Beatty

Kent co-founded Talent Media Group in  2008 with long time friend and colleague Kevin McIntyre.  He began his career in digital pioneering working as a database administrator.  Kent envisioned a hyper-connected world even before the internet was invented.

Kent has surfed the bleeding edge of both personal and business computing over the past 25 years. He is using the latest video and software technologies to give his clients high visibility on the net.

Send Kent an email: kbeatty [@]  talentmediagroup.com

Follow Kent on twitter at @KentBeatty


Kevin McIntyre

Kevin McIntyre

Kevin co-founded Talent Media Group in  2008 with long time friend and colleague Kent Beatty.  Kevin is using his experience with marketing and the latest video and software technologies to give his clients high visibility on the net.

Kevin started his career in technology in the 80s in telecommunications while serving in the US Air Force.  From there he moved into networking in the 90s as Certified Microsoft Professional and Networking Engineer. Since the early 2000s he has been a consultant to large organizations implementing Enterprise Software Solutions on projects ranging from 10 to 120 Million Dollars.

Send Kevin an email: kmcintyre [@] talentmediagroup.com

Follow Kevin on twitter at @KevinCMcIntyre