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How to create Viral Blog Content (via: @GetIntheHotSpot @ViperChill) #viral #content #blogging9:17 AM Aug 12th via TweetDeck

Video: Media Consumption vs. Usage and the New Role of Digital Sociologists

RT @chrisbrogan: One way to manage Twitter presence (thought abt your twitter goals, methods & tools?)

GTD – Getting Things Done Starts With: A Shift in the Head – #gtd #systemsthinking

Relationship Symmetry in Social Networks: Why Facebook will go Fully Asymmetric ala Twitter

Please Repeat: Influence is not Popularity – In social media, influence has taken center stage. With the spotlight p…

How Much Twitter Is Right For You? Nice post by @michellemaura at TweetValley

RT @kentbeatty: Why We See What We Do Lotto does TED talk on how our brains process visual info

15 Most Popular Twitter Clients

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Here is an Infographic of Top 15 Twitter Applications.  First Place  goes to Tweet Deck, although I would rate HootSuite as a close second!

Which is your favorite app for tweeting?

Pluggio – Makes Twitter Easy

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 Pluggio (which is entirely web based) does much more than fix Twitter’s shortcomings.  It  manages to create an entire workflow system around Twitter that makes it easy to manage nearly every aspect of your Tweeting life. 

This is a really great twitter client, simple enough for everyone

yet powerful enough for power tweeters!


Use this to publish “Rolling Tweets”!  A rolling tweet is essentially a bunch of tweets that are titles of articles that others have written that include the link to those articles for my networks to check out. These posts are generated by the RSS feeds I choose to have pulling into my RSS section. has a suggested follow and unfollow feature. Each day when I login to my account, I am given up to 20 suggestions of people to follow and unfollow based on my bio and keywords.

You can have multiple Twitter accounts synced to one Pluggio account – Very handy!

Pluggio Blog

unfollowable 12 Adorable Twitter Cartoons

Booming Social Networks


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This post was originally posted at as The Rise of Social Networks.

This Social Networks Infographic spans the timeline from 1995 up until today.  You’ll notice the really large social networks exploded into existence during the 2003 – 2006 period. Twitter had a rather late beginning:

Boom of OnlineCommunities

What’s next?  For one thing: Personal Branding.  According to Chad Levitt, parts of the next wave of innovation will revolve around social networks, personal brands, massive amounts of data, collaboration and making senese of it all to create value.  Also, expect more internal company social networking.

Infographic courtesy of Chad Levitt at his New Sales Economy Blog

For more on Personal Branding check out Dan Schwabel’s blog.  Dan is the author of the book: , Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 2009)

Bill Cosby – Isn’t That Tweet


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Bill Cosby is getting into social media!  Here he is on


Bill Cosby on twitter: @billcosby, Bio:  Comedy/Education

Bills’s 52 Twitter Lists 

Check out this post on twitter lists:  Twitter Lists – How They Work

Bill on Facebook

Bill on Cinch, or as he calls it:  Twit and Tweetie


Source for this post is from Mashable’s: Bill Cosby Learns the Twitting, Tweeting, Twit and Tweetie

 Twitter-4 - vincentabry - FR


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How To Throw A Killer TweetUp


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Kimm Redd

This “How To Throw A Killer TweetUp” post written by Kim Redd (@RedSmitty) was originally published at Kim’s Blog: The Adventures of Reddsmitty, on August 31, 2009.  Kim is a charismatic Social Media Coach, Sales and Marketing Diva, Event Planner Extraordinaire, and Road Warrior who seeks out new business, opens doors and uncovers new opportunities.  A consultative problem solver, she analyzes business situations at a glance and offers strategic solutions.

Kim Redd

Have you ever wondered what your Tweeps are like in real life (IRL)?  Ever wondered if they really look like their avatars?   Why not host a TweetUp!  No matter where you live or what you do there are others on Twitter nearby and there’s nothing quite like meeting your favorite Tweeps in real life (IRL).    Just ask @RobinWalker or @MisterNoodle…I hugged them when I met them at a TweetUp.  Besides hugs you may also find job leads, sales leads, new connections, and folks with whom you can barter entrepreneurial services…I know I did.  So what’s stopping you?

 Here are 7 tips for hosting a successful TweetUp in your neck of the woods:

1. Select the Venue -  Choose a location that’s central and easy to navigate.   Find a spot with plenty of standing room as well as seating for those with “barking dogs”.  Convenient parking and/or public transportation is key.  Free WiFi is a consideration if the event is in the morning or midday when Tweeps are tethered to their laptops.  Be sure to talk to the owner/manager of the establishment prior to the event for their blessing and possible sponsorship.  Make sure you visit the venue before publicizing the event.

Senator Kennedy has arrived at Arlington

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Kennedy at Arlington

Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s family used twitter (and a website) to update details about arrangements, who would speak at the Friday memorial service and famous Edward Kennedy quotes.  (Funeral photos / Funeral Program)

Through the use of twitter and their website, the family was able to keep people directly informed and make information available to people who could not attend in person.  This gave the family the ability to manage events related information in a way that could not have been done had the coverage been left entirely to the press.

(This post is in no way an endorsement of Senator Edward Kennedy’s views, opinions or actions and is merely an observation of how twitter is being used as it becomes an ever more central part of how we communicate.)

More of @kennedynews tweets after the jump:

A Twitter User’s RSS Feed – How To Locate It


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My friend @johnhaydon shows how to find a twitter user’s RSS feed:

John Haydon Locate Twitter RSS

RSS is a way to subscribe to a blog or twitter account, etc. so that it comes to you rather than you clicking on bookmarks or a link to go there.  Here’s a great one page explanation of RSS (Rich Site Summary).

“Twitter Will Kill You” – a rockumentary


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If you haven’t seen the David Crowder Band Rockumentary “Twitter Will Kill You”, it is worth a view and sure to bring a smile.  The band gives the short video a sort of “The Monkeys” like quality.  Very creative and apropos to the twitter experience.

If you are not familiar with their music, you should give them a listen.  Solid faith oriented guys. My favorite track is “No One Like You” from their album, Illuminate.   The clip is perhaps a good example of embracing a popular cultural phenomenon and using it to promote your own work in a creative and dynamic way. It currently has over 82,000 views.  Its also interesting that within the clip the band has fun with another very popular clip on YouTube, “David After Dentist”.


First Follow – a twitter strategy for quality

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A kinder & gentler strategy for finding quality twitter follows & followers.

Note: The First Follow strategy posted here has been rendered ineffective due to changes by Twitter in how the following-follower page URL is generated.  Nuts Twitter! In the meantime this D.Cortesi tool,  [my first follow] is similar, well sort of.

Originally published at on 3.26.09, updated and improved for

If you have an established Twitter account and some interesting updates, here is a way of having some fun generating quality follows & followers.  This is NOT automated … just basic human psychology.  All legit twitter users need to be needed and want to follow “like minded” twitterees …

  • 1.  Find a user you follow that you really dig, i.e. they are like minded, in the same line of work, interesting, etc. etc., whatever your criteria for judging a twitter user. Now, go to this user’s home page using the standard twitter web viewer.

  • 2.  Hit the person’s “following” link. (This displays the “last twenty-one people” this user decided to follow, in the order they followed.)

  • 3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit the “next” button. This displays the “second to last twenty-one people” the user has chosen to follow, in the order they followed.

  • 4.  Look at the user’s total following number, how many users is this user following, in this case 1,856. Divide 1,856 by 20, that equals 92.8.  Now, let’s go to the page that reveals the first users that this user decided to follow. Take the number you arrived at: (rounded up) in this case 93, and put that number at the end of the URL address in the command line of your browser.    …(cont’d)