Twitter Lists – How They Work


Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Tools, Twitter | Posted on 18-10-2009

Leo Laporte twitter lists

OK, now you can “Pump Up” your twitter! 

Our dynamic trio – Jack, Biz and Evan – have released their biggest feature update: 

Twitter Lists!


Twitter lists are a way for you to group people you follow into categories.  Provided here for your twitter convenience is a short guide on how to create and use them:

1.  Click “create new list” in the new section on the right in the sidebar.

2.  Name it and choose whether to make it private or public.

3.  Add people you are following to your new list by visiting your following page and use the drop down menu beside each username or go to their profile page and use the drop down menu to add them to your list.


follow leo's list

 Sharing your list:  Once you’ve created a list and assuming it’s a public list, you can share the URL with anyone.  Also, you can follow other’s lists!

Twitter created a list of all their staff here.

And I created a list of the Tweet Valley Team here.

Tip:  When you click on a team URL, you will see the teams member’s tweets.  If you would like to see who is on the team, just add “/members” to the team URL or click “following” and you will see a page with the team members listed (see example below.)


Issues with this new list feature:

#1 You can’t add yourself to a list you have created.

#2 You can only add people you follow

#3 It’s hard to add people to your list

#4 No way for people to know you are following them

#6 No way to “follow-the-list-except-that-guy-who-tweets-too-much”

#7 You can’t import/export lists

#8 No stats or analytics

#9 No dynamic lists



If you would like to avoid these issues just ignore twitter’s lists and use TweepML to establish and share groups of twitter users.



I am on the Tweet Valley team, but since I created this list I’m not included on the list: add “/members” to the team URL or click “following” and you will see a page with the team members listed

Tweet Valley Team List 20091018

Fascinating Twitter Trends


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Twitter bird text montage 

Mashable asked 5 of the web’s most experimental, influential and knowledgeable thought leaders to share their perspectives on twitter:

Thought Leaders Twitter Perspectives:

Big Bloggers Tweeting More, Blogging Less – Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo says more and more bloggers are tweeting instead of blogging.  He says, “…twitter augments blogging, it’s a different medium…”

The Evolution of Twitter as a Platform – Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of says that twitter is moving away from personal chatter and becoming heavily used by brands.  Guy says, “Twitter is emulating the internet, and isn’t just turning into a marketing platform, but simply becoming a platform used for multiple things.”

Semantic Intelligence – Brian Solis

Brian believes that the next big twitter trend will be “a more intelligent Twitter experience” and “the future of Twitter is semantic intelligence, where what you click, what you read, and what you do, act to determine what you like, with applications serving you the tweets you really want.”