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What’s With the @’s?

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When you start using twitter you’ll notice a lot of tweets have @username in them.

@username tweet example

In the tweet above the “@kossover” & “@druckenmiller” are links. 

Since twitter is really a broadcast communication tool, users need a way to let the world know they’re writing to a specific person.  That’s where the @username comes in.  In the tweet above @suechil is asking a question. 

Tweets are public, so when you publish a tweet, it goes to all your followers and it’s a part of the public record of twitter.  Keep in mind that your conversation is being overheard by potentially the entire twitterverse. 

If you want to let a Twitter user know that you are talking directly to them, use their @username in the tweet.  The whole Twitter world can see your tweet, but it’s obvious that you’re having a conversation with that one person.

Using the @username in the tweet also makes sure the tweet shows up in their “Replies” area on their home Twitter page, or on their Tweetdeck Display.

Here’s an example of a tweet I sent yesterday to thank a twitter user for “Re-Tweeting” one of my tweets:

@username example 2

Remember that Twitter is a “conversation.”  It’s about engaging other Twitter users and conversing tweeting with them!

twitter_logoTwitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post updates.

tweetdeck-logo    TweetDeck allows twitter users to display tweets from other twitter users in a unique columned user interface.  It can be used to group people together and to search across the twittersphere.