Restaurant 2.0 – Economical Broadcasting with Twitter


Posted by Kevin McIntyre | Posted in Broadcasting, Trends | Posted on 18-08-2009

Continuing change means new options to consider:

One new result of rapidly converging trends is the mobile restaurant or Restaurant 2.0:

Cup Cake Stop Cupcake Stop Truck in NYC

Following the example of digital delivery, and driven by the factors listed below, we will begin to see an increase in physical delivery of services to the customer

Even restaurants are being swept up in the sea change swirling around us today.  The mobile restaurant is a new development of our times:

The drivers of this new culinary entrepreneurial development are:

  • Twitter – Mobile restaurants can economically broadcast where they are as well as where they will be.  Also narcissistic consumers can tell people they are waiting for a truck to serve them :).
  • GPS Technology – To help locate restaurants on wheels.
  • The Recession – Gives hard hit businesses the spark to innovate new approaches to serve their clients, causes consumers to be thrifty in their choices for “eating out”, and amplifies the high cost of gas to drive to a restaurant.

What’s next?