Tweet Cottage – A House That Tweets!

Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Tweets, Twitter | Posted on 26-07-2009

Stanford Clark's Cottage Tweets About Lighting On the Isle of Wight, from a 16th Century Cottage comes tweets! 

Andy Stanford-Clark, an IBM computer engineer, who lives on the Isle of Wight, in the UK, and in a 16th century thatched  Elizabethan Cottage, has wired up his home to twitter!

  The building ‘itself’ can tweet!

Tweet Cottage - Stanford Clark Window Open

Andy wired his home with sensors to tweet status updates i.e. “A mouse has been caught in the study.”  Any device in the house can send a message to twitter about what it’s doing!  Andy receives tweets to his mobile phone about open windows, left-on lights, mouse traps and broken garden hoses.  The house tweets it’s energy use every time an additional $16 has been spent on utilities.  Andy predicts this technology will be available to every home in just two to three years.



Andy Stanford-Clark



Andy Stanford-Clark on Twitter

Andy’s House on Twitter

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