Booming Social Networks


Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Misc | Posted on 05-12-2009

This post was originally posted at as The Rise of Social Networks.

This Social Networks Infographic spans the timeline from 1995 up until today.  You’ll notice the really large social networks exploded into existence during the 2003 – 2006 period. Twitter had a rather late beginning:

Boom of OnlineCommunities

What’s next?  For one thing: Personal Branding.  According to Chad Levitt, parts of the next wave of innovation will revolve around social networks, personal brands, massive amounts of data, collaboration and making senese of it all to create value.  Also, expect more internal company social networking.

Infographic courtesy of Chad Levitt at his New Sales Economy Blog

For more on Personal Branding check out Dan Schwabel’s blog.  Dan is the author of the book: , Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 2009)

Feed Tweets to Facebook

Posted by David Druckenmiller | Posted in Facebook, Tweets, Twitter | Posted on 21-07-2009

Ever wonder what the characters "#fb" mean in a tweet?  This is a technique used by a twitter user to selectively send their tweets (that contain these characters) to their Facebook status, called "Selective Twitter Status".

Did you know you can connect Facebook and Twitter? There are currently two options …

1. Use of the Facebook application "Twitter" [Everything you tweet goes to Facebook.]


  • Login to Facebook
  • Type in "twitter" in the search box at the upper tight.
  • Select "Twitter" application listing in the search results
  • Select "Go to Application"
  • Select "Allow"
  • Type in your twitter account name, password

Now all your tweets in twitter will forward automatically to your Facebook status.

2. Use of the Facebook application "Selective Twitter Status" [You decide which tweet goes to Facebook ]


  • Login to Facebook
  • Type in "Selective Twitter Status"  in the search box at the upper right.
  • Select "Selective Twitter Status" in the search results
  • Select "Go to Applicaiton"
  • Select "Allow"
  • Type in your twitter account name, password

Now, when you type a twitter message and YOU WANT the post to go to your Facebook status, put the characters #fb as the last three characters in your tweet.

This post will go to facebook and only this post.

(If you DO NOT WANT the tweet to go to facebook do not type #fb)

Personally, I use "Selective Twitter Status" as my tweets tend to be more business and technology oriented where as my Facebook posts are more on the personal side.  Some of my Facebook friends think my tweets and twitter are a bit wacky (go figure?) so I limit what I send to from Twitter to Facebook.

Hope it works for you … folometwitter