Twitter Profiles – The 4 Types

Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Basics, Twitter | Posted on 30-07-2009


By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

Jeremiah Owyang, in a post at Web Strategy, discussed how brands should position their persona on social media profiles.  He lists four types of Twitter Profiles from Corporate to Personal:

  1. Pure Corporate Brand – 100% corporate branded – provides corporate news, deals and support with no indication of any individuals involved
  2. Corporate with Persona – About 80% corporate brand and 20% personal.  A corporate or branded account with an individual participating.
  3. Employee With Corporate Association – This one is about 20% corporate related and 80% personal information. Mostly personal content but obviously connected to a brand or business.
  4. Pure Personal Account – 100% personal content with no tie in or mention of corporate or branded information.

Each of the four profile types serves a different purpose.  Jeremiah summarizes that Type 1 would be useful for sharing facts, Type 2 may be useful for support, and Type 3 for evangelism.

Source: Web Strategy.  Read the full post here.


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