House Tweets to find New Owner

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This house in the city of Austell, Georgia, is tweeting to find a new owner.  It seems to be lonely since it’s current owner decamped for Charlotte, N.C.

@PrinceSammie one person that lived here: Buccaneers fan. His wife: Carolina Panthers fan. Talk about #Drama



RT @BizWriterKristi got sort of an odd letter from Home Depot thanking me for being a loyal customer. [owner never goes-I’m in good shape]

twitter-aqua Follow this house:  @3394PendleyRd

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Twitter – Get’s A New Look

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By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

Twitter's New Look

 Twitter’s new homepage as of July 28, 2009

Twitter has updated their homepage and made their search feature much more accessible and useable.  Gone is the cartoonish “What are you doing?” days.

Everyone knows how to use search and is familiar with searching, but still most people don’t know much about twitter (the few million people that use Twitter regularly represent a tiny fraction of the planet, geographically and demographically.)  Putting the search feature at center stage helps make new user’s feel more at home and helps the page look less “foreign” to them.

Twitter Co-founder, Biz Stone, said in a blog post about the new look: "The open and timely exchange of information will have a positive impact on the world and Twitter has a role to play."