Restaurant 2.0 – Economical Broadcasting with Twitter


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Continuing change means new options to consider:

One new result of rapidly converging trends is the mobile restaurant or Restaurant 2.0:

Cup Cake Stop Cupcake Stop Truck in NYC

Following the example of digital delivery, and driven by the factors listed below, we will begin to see an increase in physical delivery of services to the customer

Even restaurants are being swept up in the sea change swirling around us today.  The mobile restaurant is a new development of our times:

The drivers of this new culinary entrepreneurial development are:

  • Twitter – Mobile restaurants can economically broadcast where they are as well as where they will be.  Also narcissistic consumers can tell people they are waiting for a truck to serve them :).
  • GPS Technology – To help locate restaurants on wheels.
  • The Recession – Gives hard hit businesses the spark to innovate new approaches to serve their clients, causes consumers to be thrifty in their choices for “eating out”, and amplifies the high cost of gas to drive to a restaurant.

What’s next?

First Follow – a twitter strategy for quality

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A kinder & gentler strategy for finding quality twitter follows & followers.

Note: The First Follow strategy posted here has been rendered ineffective due to changes by Twitter in how the following-follower page URL is generated.  Nuts Twitter! In the meantime this D.Cortesi tool,  [my first follow] is similar, well sort of.

Originally published at on 3.26.09, updated and improved for

If you have an established Twitter account and some interesting updates, here is a way of having some fun generating quality follows & followers.  This is NOT automated … just basic human psychology.  All legit twitter users need to be needed and want to follow “like minded” twitterees …

  • 1.  Find a user you follow that you really dig, i.e. they are like minded, in the same line of work, interesting, etc. etc., whatever your criteria for judging a twitter user. Now, go to this user’s home page using the standard twitter web viewer.

  • 2.  Hit the person’s “following” link. (This displays the “last twenty-one people” this user decided to follow, in the order they followed.)

  • 3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit the “next” button. This displays the “second to last twenty-one people” the user has chosen to follow, in the order they followed.

  • 4.  Look at the user’s total following number, how many users is this user following, in this case 1,856. Divide 1,856 by 20, that equals 92.8.  Now, let’s go to the page that reveals the first users that this user decided to follow. Take the number you arrived at: (rounded up) in this case 93, and put that number at the end of the URL address in the command line of your browser.    …(cont’d)

@Deerheart7 – Joins Tweet Valley Twibe

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deerheart7 20090817

Regina Moran (@deerheart7 ) is a blogger, writer, and tweeter!   She enjoys helping &

sharing.  She lives life consciously.  Her passions:  hey guy & her two (lucky) goldens.


orange twitter bird on whiteFollow @deerheart7 on twitter!

TweetDeck – Twitter Control Center


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By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

This post was originally published at on June 18, 2009

TweetDeck has been my Twitter Control Center for several months and now with Version 0.26 it’s even more powerful:

TweetDeck Beta page

Newest features:

  • Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts – (for you split personality types)
  • Sync and Backup – to keep your TweetDeck safe
  • Spam button – use this to avoid twitter spam
  • iPhone – take all your TweetDeck favorites, groups, columns etc. with you!

Other features:

  • Columns -You can display one column or many columns. I typically keep 10 columns open.

Twitter – Get’s A New Look

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By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

Twitter's New Look

 Twitter’s new homepage as of July 28, 2009

Twitter has updated their homepage and made their search feature much more accessible and useable.  Gone is the cartoonish “What are you doing?” days.

Everyone knows how to use search and is familiar with searching, but still most people don’t know much about twitter (the few million people that use Twitter regularly represent a tiny fraction of the planet, geographically and demographically.)  Putting the search feature at center stage helps make new user’s feel more at home and helps the page look less “foreign” to them.

Twitter Co-founder, Biz Stone, said in a blog post about the new look: "The open and timely exchange of information will have a positive impact on the world and Twitter has a role to play."

Twitter in Plain English

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By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

So when your friend says, “I just don’t get the twitter thing.”  Send them over to this blog post.  Lee and Sachi LeFever make excellent videos using a technique they call “paperworks.”  They use simple tools, a white board and paper cut outs, and plain English in their fight against complexity.  Although appearing deceptively simple, their videos have lurking under the surface lessons that have been crafted with great care.  Below is their simple explanation of Twitter.


Twitter in Plain English




Lee Lefever is @leelefever on Twitter

Sachi Lefever is @sachilefever on Twitter

Common Craft is @commoncraft

Become a Fan of Common Craft on Facebook

Common Craft Web Site


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Twitter Profiles – The 4 Types

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By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

Jeremiah Owyang, in a post at Web Strategy, discussed how brands should position their persona on social media profiles.  He lists four types of Twitter Profiles from Corporate to Personal:

  1. Pure Corporate Brand – 100% corporate branded – provides corporate news, deals and support with no indication of any individuals involved
  2. Corporate with Persona – About 80% corporate brand and 20% personal.  A corporate or branded account with an individual participating.
  3. Employee With Corporate Association – This one is about 20% corporate related and 80% personal information. Mostly personal content but obviously connected to a brand or business.
  4. Pure Personal Account – 100% personal content with no tie in or mention of corporate or branded information.

Each of the four profile types serves a different purpose.  Jeremiah summarizes that Type 1 would be useful for sharing facts, Type 2 may be useful for support, and Type 3 for evangelism.

Source: Web Strategy.  Read the full post here.


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Tweet Cottage – A House That Tweets!

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Stanford Clark's Cottage Tweets About Lighting On the Isle of Wight, from a 16th Century Cottage comes tweets! 

Andy Stanford-Clark, an IBM computer engineer, who lives on the Isle of Wight, in the UK, and in a 16th century thatched  Elizabethan Cottage, has wired up his home to twitter!

  The building ‘itself’ can tweet!

Tweet Cottage - Stanford Clark Window Open

Andy wired his home with sensors to tweet status updates i.e. “A mouse has been caught in the study.”  Any device in the house can send a message to twitter about what it’s doing!  Andy receives tweets to his mobile phone about open windows, left-on lights, mouse traps and broken garden hoses.  The house tweets it’s energy use every time an additional $16 has been spent on utilities.  Andy predicts this technology will be available to every home in just two to three years.



Andy Stanford-Clark



Andy Stanford-Clark on Twitter

Andy’s House on Twitter

World Changing – Can Twitter Help Us To Save Energy At Home?



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Bing Tweets dot com

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Bing Tweets?

Released in Beta this looks like a cool way to zero in on the Tweets you are interested in.  They combine streaming Tweets and  the power of the Bing search engine.

Bing Tweets

Feed Tweets to Facebook

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Ever wonder what the characters "#fb" mean in a tweet?  This is a technique used by a twitter user to selectively send their tweets (that contain these characters) to their Facebook status, called "Selective Twitter Status".

Did you know you can connect Facebook and Twitter? There are currently two options …

1. Use of the Facebook application "Twitter" [Everything you tweet goes to Facebook.]


  • Login to Facebook
  • Type in "twitter" in the search box at the upper tight.
  • Select "Twitter" application listing in the search results
  • Select "Go to Application"
  • Select "Allow"
  • Type in your twitter account name, password

Now all your tweets in twitter will forward automatically to your Facebook status.

2. Use of the Facebook application "Selective Twitter Status" [You decide which tweet goes to Facebook ]


  • Login to Facebook
  • Type in "Selective Twitter Status"  in the search box at the upper right.
  • Select "Selective Twitter Status" in the search results
  • Select "Go to Applicaiton"
  • Select "Allow"
  • Type in your twitter account name, password

Now, when you type a twitter message and YOU WANT the post to go to your Facebook status, put the characters #fb as the last three characters in your tweet.

This post will go to facebook and only this post.

(If you DO NOT WANT the tweet to go to facebook do not type #fb)

Personally, I use "Selective Twitter Status" as my tweets tend to be more business and technology oriented where as my Facebook posts are more on the personal side.  Some of my Facebook friends think my tweets and twitter are a bit wacky (go figure?) so I limit what I send to from Twitter to Facebook.

Hope it works for you … folometwitter