Staggering Numbers from Twitter and others

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These numbers should leave no doubt about the meteoric rise of Twitter and other social media outlets.  The thing that sets Twitter apart is that the conversation is in real time.  Look at those Twitter numbers especially the number of Tweets per day.

Twitter:  23 million unique visitors/day;  3 million tweets/day

YouTube:  85 million video views/day

Facebook:  300 million active users, 122 million visits/day

LinkedIn:  43 million members; 13 million daily avg visits

Blogs:  133 million currently indexed by Technorati.

Source:  Circle Research

Social Media Tracking Tools – Part II, Cligs


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Cligs,  is a new URL shortening site that does much more than shorten URLs for Twitter etc.  I like the tracking mechanism.  It gives almost instant feedback on the effectiveness of links you are providing to your readers, followers and tribes.  The screen shot shows the activity I received from just a few tweets from last night.  I was surprised because I have a limited following in the specific Twitter account that I tweeted from.  Even the hyperlink in the beginning of this post is a Clig.  Enjoy Cligs.

Cligs count

Here is a graphical representation.  Use your imagination when considering long term tracking of a Clig.

Graph Cligs

Social Media Tracking Tools – Part I, Twitter Counter

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Twitter Counter is a great tool for looking at where you are now in the Twittersphere and where you might be headed.  There is a free version and a paid version.  Depending on what level of detail you want.  You decide.  It makes nice predictions and keeps track of your progress over time once you sign up for an account.

twittercounter eq

“Mad Men” vs. #Twitter – An Opinion on the Fortune 10


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This ““Mad Men” vs. #Twitter – An Opinion on the Fortune 10” post written by Beth Frysztak (@bethfrysztak) was originally published at Beth’s Blog:  Network Your Life, on September 6th, 2009.  Beth is a cool twitterer, charismatic leader, successful marketer & Mom of 2 who thoroughly understands how to satisfy customers.  She is passionate about networking and “all things connected”.

Beth Frysztak

When I meet people IRL (in real life) – new acquaintances, peeps that I know well, friends, co-workers, and even family, there are only a handful of people who “get it” when I talk ‘Twitter’.

I speak so often to companies that I work with – as well as new corporations I am strategizing with – to talk about the value that their brand can receive through the right use of Twitter.  So, why is it when I ask a standard response is, “Yeah, we’re on Twitter”… I then ask them, “what does that mean?”.


Many large corporations do not.  They are struggling with the change from a world with ‘Mad Men’ media – to a world where messaging is cluttered, media is fast paced, multiple channels are available, and ‘Social Media’ is perceived to surpass other forms of media in short order.  So, what does this mean to your brand?


Mad Men

Social Media – A Fundamental Shift

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This post is based entirely on the post Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think – by Erik Qualman (which he posted August 11, 2009)

Video compilation of Erik Qualman explaining his Socialnomics with relevant social media statistics.  The book is in stores now.  Got mine last week! 


social media isn’t a fad,

it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate


Erik Qualman has written a book called:   Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business.

Socialnomics Contents

Socialnomics Chapter One in PDF

Socialnomics book at Amazon

Erik Qualman’s Photostream at Flickr



Stats from video after the jump:

Senator Kennedy has arrived at Arlington

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Kennedy at Arlington

Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s family used twitter (and a website) to update details about arrangements, who would speak at the Friday memorial service and famous Edward Kennedy quotes.  (Funeral photos / Funeral Program)

Through the use of twitter and their website, the family was able to keep people directly informed and make information available to people who could not attend in person.  This gave the family the ability to manage events related information in a way that could not have been done had the coverage been left entirely to the press.

(This post is in no way an endorsement of Senator Edward Kennedy’s views, opinions or actions and is merely an observation of how twitter is being used as it becomes an ever more central part of how we communicate.)

More of @kennedynews tweets after the jump:

John Mayer Tweets Prior Arrest & Loses $25,000.00 Challenge

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In the early morning hours of August 27th, 2009, John Mayer (@johncmayer) took to twitter to reveal his “criminal” past and challenge famous investigative celebrity reporter Harry Levin (@HarveyLevinTMZ – editor at to produce John’s mug shot. 

Within 14 hours Harry produced the mug shot from when John Mayer was arrested in Atlanta on May 26, 2001 for driving with a suspended license:


Johncmayer arrested

johncmayer challenge harvey levin

Later the same day:

SMAA – Social Media Addicts Association

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Behind the scenes filming at a Social Media Addicts Association meeting, with members discussing the problems caused by their addiction in graphic detail. Be warned -…



The epidemic is spreading rapidly with every age group.  Grandparents on Facebook, 12 year olds on twitter, those hopelessly stuck in MySpace and the ever increasing senior population on social media.  @jerrysmaa founded the Social Media Addicts Association in the spring of 2009 to help people beat their addiction to social networking sites and reclaim their lives! 


See Also:

First U.S. Rehab Center for Internet Addiction Opens Its Doors

Founder interview – Social Media Addicts Association

House Tweets to find New Owner

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This house in the city of Austell, Georgia, is tweeting to find a new owner.  It seems to be lonely since it’s current owner decamped for Charlotte, N.C.

@PrinceSammie one person that lived here: Buccaneers fan. His wife: Carolina Panthers fan. Talk about #Drama



RT @BizWriterKristi got sort of an odd letter from Home Depot thanking me for being a loyal customer. [owner never goes-I’m in good shape]

twitter-aqua Follow this house:  @3394PendleyRd

See more tweets by this house after the jump:

A DJ’s Last Tweet

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DJ_AM-Adam Goldstein- Last Tweet 290825



Adam_Goldstein_001_161008 Adam Goldstein’s final tweet was a poetic note:  a lyric from a Grandmaster Flash song.  This may have been his last message to the outside world.

According to the New York Times, Adam, 36, was found dead Friday, August 28th, 2009 with a crack pipe and prescription drugs several days after his last communication with friends – emergency workers broke down the door after friends tried for days to reach him.  Friends said that he was having trouble coping with pain & stress from the plane crash he survived last year – several of his friends didn’t survive.

Many celebrities are using twitter as their broadcasting tool of choice.  Was this tweet a cry for help, a last cryptic message or simply tweeting lyrics?  (His twitter account was verified)Our condolences to his family.    

Celebrity Disc Jockey, DJ AM, Found Dead – Video

Adam’s Last Day:  Police offer details of DJ AM’s last day alive

DJ AM on Facebook , his Facebook Photos, & his Facebook Videos


small black twitter bird DJ_AM’s tweet stream is at:  @DJ_AM

(more of DJ_AM’s tweets after the jump)