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Posted by Kevin McIntyre | Posted in Misc | Posted on 08-21-2009

As seen on TubeMogul.

This is just one more reason to use Twitter.  It’s importance on the Internet just seems to grow exponentially day by day.

July 31st, 2009

Want to automatically tweet your latest videos? Great news: there’s now a TubeMogul app for that. When uploading videos via TubeMogul, you can now check a box at the bottom of any video’s “Launch” page that will automatically send a tweet once the video goes live. The feature is basically TwitterFeed for video (those who know what that means).

Tweets look like this: “VIDEO: [Video’s Title…] http//…”

And you might just want to use it: according to our latest research, audiences clicking on video links from Twitter watch a video 36.91% longer than viewers referred by Facebook and 49.98% longer than viewers referred by Digg, making Twitter an important medium for those content creators trying to reach the most engaged audiences.

automatically tweet latest videos - twitter app tubemogul

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