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Posted by Kent Beatty | Posted in Misc | Posted on 07-17-2010

 Pluggio (which is entirely web based) does much more than fix Twitter’s shortcomings.  It  manages to create an entire workflow system around Twitter that makes it easy to manage nearly every aspect of your Tweeting life. 

This is a really great twitter client, simple enough for everyone

yet powerful enough for power tweeters!


Use this to publish “Rolling Tweets”!  A rolling tweet is essentially a bunch of tweets that are titles of articles that others have written that include the link to those articles for my networks to check out. These posts are generated by the RSS feeds I choose to have pulling into my RSS section. has a suggested follow and unfollow feature. Each day when I login to my account, I am given up to 20 suggestions of people to follow and unfollow based on my bio and keywords.

You can have multiple Twitter accounts synced to one Pluggio account – Very handy!

Pluggio Blog

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