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Katie Martell Katie Martell is a Marketing Manager at NetProspex, a B2B startup outside Boston, MA that provides verified B2B contact information that has been crowd sourced by a community of users.  She works with marketing/PR strategy, promotional design, and new media, with a portfolio of freelance and entrepreneurial fun.  She believes in the power of new media and the creative ways in which it makes meaningful connections…but values your ability to hold a conversation unplugged.

First, a bit of introduction before my first post on TweetValley: 

My name is Katie Martell, I’m a millennial in B2B marketing, and Twitter got me a job.

I’m living proof that combining valuable content and insightful comments makes Twitter a useful, powerful tool.


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For me, twitter is a new platform for the fundamentals. Social media, with all of its hype and what many predict to be a short-lived glory, is a powerful new place for the fundamentals

But you’re already reading a blog about Twitter – there’s no need to convince you that there is now a necessary and important place for it in our lives.

Who do need convincing are many B2B marketers. (Not all, just many.) Recently I attending a breakfast/panel discussion for those in the marketing automation field.  Social media was brought up for discussion, dutifully, and I was surprised at how quickly it was disregarded as hype/just the latest trend.

I remember laughing as the moderator asked the crowd ‘Do you want to talk more about social media?’ The response was a quick and decisive ‘NO!’

I think they’re tired of hearing about it, that the B2B marketers in the room were turned off by the hype, the buzz, the self-proclaimed ‘gurus’, the endless supply of reasons it will drastically change the scope of interaction between customers and companies, the very nature of sales and marketing.

As one member of the crowd stated, "more has changed in sales and marketing in the last 2 years than in the last 20."

Change is never easy, and B2B marketers don’t want change. B2B marketers want something tangible, with proven ROI, something they can implement to enhance the fundamentals aspects of their craft.

For me, Twitter is a new platform for the fundamentals. Social media, with all of its hype and what many predict to be a short-lived glory, is a powerful new place for the fundamentals.

For me, Twitter is a logical channel for content distribution and subsequent lead generation. It is an effective PR tool to quickly and easily communicate directly with the public from within a company. It opens up channels of communication between me and the thought-leaders I want to learn from and collaborate with. It gives me a place to interact with and listen to my customers. It delivers industry news on demand.  Nothing about that says ‘short-lived’.

Perhaps one of the greatest powers of Twitter is the public nature of the discussion– it can be tracked, followed, monitored, studied. Rule #1 is, as we know, to listen. Listen before you jump in, watch the conversation before you get involved. Listen, learn, adapt.

I’m a new player in the workforce. I’ll proudly admit that I’m a recent graduate, and that I am constantly soaking up new knowledge.

Every day to me means just as much learning as it does planning, strategizing, and executing ideas. My reading list of blogs, articles, books, whitepapers, etc, is ridiculously lengthy and always growing.


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To me, every piece of new technology and every new platform available to us is exciting, fresh, and inspiring.  It’s this mindset that will help B2B marketers navigate the changing waters. The mindset of a student.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." – Socrates

(I know, cliché blog technique, quoting a dead guy.) But he has a point.

Remain a student. Make the choice to be open to new ideas, techniques, and innovation. Go back to that optimism you had after graduation, and never lose the feeling. Change is scary, but necessary.

If your customers aren’t on Twitter, that’s okay. Don’t disregard social media as hype, but rather, try to recognize the potential for how it can help YOU become a better marketer.

I’m thrilled to be a part of TweetValley, for the knowledge and sense of optimism all these authors provide.  I’m honored for the chance to add my voice to the conversation, and welcome any and all insights into using Twitter and social media for B2B marketing.  You can follow me on twitter @katiemartell, and my company @netprospex.

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Katie, What a very insightful post. Love your work.

Katie, Gr8 job! One of the reasons marketers find it difficult to “get” twitter and social media is that are accustomed to doing the talking, and here they must listen first. I like that you said,”…the world needs more people who have come alive.” You are so right!!!

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