Laura Fitton’s Advice 4 Success on Twitter


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Laura Fitton, twitter pioneer, author of “Twitter for Dummies” and CEO of new startup oneforty, shares her #1 tip for success on twitter:

Be Selfless

Other tips that Laura offers for any social media platform are: listen, learn, care, and serve. If these rules are applied, she says, “You will absolutely have success.”

Source: The Secret to Success on Twitter, published at Web Pro News Nov 4, 2009

How Much Twitter Is Right For You?


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 Michelle MauraMichelle Maura is an Organizational Psychologist, singer and Yoga teacher. She practices Mantra Yoga Meditation and Hatha Yoga, while studying Yoga philosophy. Michelle shares her thoughts on her blog Thoughts Are Things, while also contributing at She focuses on the importance of looking at the positive side of every situation in life and always moving forward. You can follow her on Twitter at


There are infinite uses one can give to Twitter– from online marketing, to sharing interesting information to filling in moments of boredom or loneliness. There are also varying degrees of Twitter usage– there’s the user that will go online for 20 minutes a day and check older tweets as mini emails, there’s the person who logs on after every break to update others and themselves on the day’s happenings, and there are the hard core users who use software like Tweet Deck or have apps on their mobiles to notify them of every tweet possible, audio alert and scheduled tweets included.

Whether you are new to the vast and still growing Twitterverse or already feel established your tweet space, you might have asked yourself this question just how much Twitter is good for you. Here are a few questions that might help you get your answer.

twitter montage  How much Twitter is good for you?

  • Are you using social media to establish your product or company on the market, and would like to enjoy the advantages Twitter offers?
  • Are you aiming to promote yourself because you like the idea of being a microcelebity?
  • Are you going through a lonely stage in real life and hoping to meet fellow tweeters and feel more connected?
  • Are you engaged in your goals and activities and simply like the additional social advantages of Twitter?
  • Are you only looking to share information with like minded people, or learn new things from those who think differently?

Twitter – “What’s all the fuss about?”

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This “Twitter – What’s all the fuss about” post written by Beth Frysztak (@bethfrysztak) was originally published at Beth’s Blog:  Network Your Life, in April 2009.  Beth is a cool twitterer, charasmatic leader, successful marketer & Mom of 2 who thoroughly understands how to satisfy customers.  She is passionate about networking and “all things connected”.

Beth Frysztak

Twitter, is a micro-blogging service. It allows you to send short, 140 character “tweets” rather than typing an entire blog (as I am right now), You can “tweet” anything from getting coffee…to the days headline news. When Twitter was launched, I am sure there were only a handful of people who all followed each other! That soon became a hundred….then thousands. In fact, in the early stages of Twitter (in my humble opinion) the entire Twitter following was probably no more than the number of followers that I have today! (1,685 as of this afternoon (April 18, 2009) – in case you were wondering).

So, “What’s all the fuss about?”


What I receive out of Twitter-and my Twitter followers (whom I just adore!) is an unexplainable pleasure of “tweeting” the news of the day, a business article I have found, “re-tweeting” a fantastic quote or link and sharing stories of my life. Sometimes, my “tweets” are notions of nothing really important.

Ode to Twitter


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This "Ode to Twitter" post written by Laura "@Pistachio" Fitton originally ran on Pistachio Consulting’s website in August 2007.   Laura has since helped explain Twitter to thousands, including Guy Kawasaki, Johnson & Johnson and Harvard Business School.  Most recently, she wrote Twitter for Dummies and founded to help people take advantage of all the Twitter ecosystem offers.

Laura Fitton

Let me come clean about my Twitter adoption “arc:”

The wise student hears of the Twitter & practices it diligently. The average student hears of the Twitter & gives it thought now & again. The foolish student hears of the Twitter and laughs aloud. If there were no laughter, the Twitter would not be what it is. -Lao Tzu (well, sorta)

I was foolish. If you think Twitter’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen, I hear you.

But I evolved.

Twitter_Bird_Logo_by_ipotionI recently tweeted what Twitter is to me:

water cooler, colleagues, sanity check, ideas, advice, good tips, friends, company, connections, inspiration. oh ya & network.