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How to create Viral Blog Content (via: @GetIntheHotSpot @ViperChill) #viral #content #blogging9:17 AM Aug 12th via TweetDeck

Video: Media Consumption vs. Usage and the New Role of Digital Sociologists

RT @chrisbrogan: One way to manage Twitter presence (thought abt your twitter goals, methods & tools?)

GTD – Getting Things Done Starts With: A Shift in the Head – #gtd #systemsthinking

Relationship Symmetry in Social Networks: Why Facebook will go Fully Asymmetric ala Twitter

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How Much Twitter Is Right For You? Nice post by @michellemaura at TweetValley

RT @kentbeatty: Why We See What We Do Lotto does TED talk on how our brains process visual info

Twitter’s Favorite Hunks


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Hunkalerts Sarah

 10-12-2009 11-39-16 AM 

“The twitter phenomenon continues to swirl unpredictably  in the vortex created as technology empowers human interaction and communication, re-defining the laws of natural flow and engagement.” – Kent Beatty


SarahMarshall #HunkAlert is the hash tag associated with the frenetic twitter activity known as, wait for it:   the “HunkAlert”.  This (recent) website traces it’s (recent) history back to the “hunkalert” and “babealert” tweets that Sarah Marshall and friends started just a few months ago.   If you do a little analysis you can trace all this hunkalert/babealert stuff right back to the synaptic activity in Sarah Marshall’s frontal cortex.  Actually, I suspect that she enhanced her theta brain waves, perhaps with the help of this audio file, resulting in an extreme state of relaxation, creativity and vivid mental twitter imagery –).  Fortunately for us, this EEG of Sarah’s brain was taken just moments B4 the 1st #hunkalert tweet was released into the twitterverse -).

Sarah’s “treat for the ladies of twitter” enables “twitter ladies” to nominate their favorite twitter hunks as a #hunkalert.  There are normally more than one hundred nominations per day!  If you would like to take a peek into the #hunkalert and #babealert world just do a tweetdeck or twitter search on “@Americanwomannn” (Sarah Marshall’s twitter name) [notice there are three “n’s”]. 

The #HunkAlert site describes it’s basic purpose:  “… to recognize and honor those individuals for their Twitter community participation, social interaction and outstanding qualities…”.  The “outstanding qualities” are not defined and I’m afraid to ask!

To send a nomination, just post a tweet on twitter containing the nominee’s twitter username followed by #hunkalert #nominee,  i.e. “#hunkalert #nominee @druckenmiller”.  4 more examples just check out @Americanwomannn’s tweet stream or see the tweets below.  Confidential nominations may be sent by DM (direct message) to Sarah.  She will take care of the nomination for you.

Sarah Marshall is the creative twitter genius who has brought her HunkAlert site into being.   She is very Tweative and energetic.   Visit her site (hunkalert) to see galleries of nominees and get in on the fun!

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The Psychology of Twitter

Provided below is a representative sample of tweets to or about @Americanwomannn and #hunkalerts:

Twitter is the Uber Social Media Site. Did you know? 4.0

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With the rise of Twitter, growing faster than a weed in the garden patch it is such an exciting time to be so involved and a part of the social media landscape.  I love numbers and statistics.  I guess that is why I am drawn to stuff like this video.  I like how the information is presented.  So it’s as much as style as the numbers themselves.

Did you know?  4.0  Enjoy

The lates version of their video series.   Content by XPLANE, The Economist, Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod and Laura Bestler. Design and development by XPLANE.

Staggering Numbers from Twitter and others

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These numbers should leave no doubt about the meteoric rise of Twitter and other social media outlets.  The thing that sets Twitter apart is that the conversation is in real time.  Look at those Twitter numbers especially the number of Tweets per day.

Twitter:  23 million unique visitors/day;  3 million tweets/day

YouTube:  85 million video views/day

Facebook:  300 million active users, 122 million visits/day

LinkedIn:  43 million members; 13 million daily avg visits

Blogs:  133 million currently indexed by Technorati.

Source:  Circle Research

Senator Kennedy has arrived at Arlington

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Kennedy at Arlington

Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s family used twitter (and a website) to update details about arrangements, who would speak at the Friday memorial service and famous Edward Kennedy quotes.  (Funeral photos / Funeral Program)

Through the use of twitter and their website, the family was able to keep people directly informed and make information available to people who could not attend in person.  This gave the family the ability to manage events related information in a way that could not have been done had the coverage been left entirely to the press.

(This post is in no way an endorsement of Senator Edward Kennedy’s views, opinions or actions and is merely an observation of how twitter is being used as it becomes an ever more central part of how we communicate.)

More of @kennedynews tweets after the jump:

John Mayer Tweets Prior Arrest & Loses $25,000.00 Challenge

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In the early morning hours of August 27th, 2009, John Mayer (@johncmayer) took to twitter to reveal his “criminal” past and challenge famous investigative celebrity reporter Harry Levin (@HarveyLevinTMZ – editor at to produce John’s mug shot. 

Within 14 hours Harry produced the mug shot from when John Mayer was arrested in Atlanta on May 26, 2001 for driving with a suspended license:


Johncmayer arrested

johncmayer challenge harvey levin

Later the same day:

House Tweets to find New Owner

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This house in the city of Austell, Georgia, is tweeting to find a new owner.  It seems to be lonely since it’s current owner decamped for Charlotte, N.C.

@PrinceSammie one person that lived here: Buccaneers fan. His wife: Carolina Panthers fan. Talk about #Drama



RT @BizWriterKristi got sort of an odd letter from Home Depot thanking me for being a loyal customer. [owner never goes-I’m in good shape]

twitter-aqua Follow this house:  @3394PendleyRd

See more tweets by this house after the jump:

A DJ’s Last Tweet

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DJ_AM-Adam Goldstein- Last Tweet 290825



Adam_Goldstein_001_161008 Adam Goldstein’s final tweet was a poetic note:  a lyric from a Grandmaster Flash song.  This may have been his last message to the outside world.

According to the New York Times, Adam, 36, was found dead Friday, August 28th, 2009 with a crack pipe and prescription drugs several days after his last communication with friends – emergency workers broke down the door after friends tried for days to reach him.  Friends said that he was having trouble coping with pain & stress from the plane crash he survived last year – several of his friends didn’t survive.

Many celebrities are using twitter as their broadcasting tool of choice.  Was this tweet a cry for help, a last cryptic message or simply tweeting lyrics?  (His twitter account was verified)Our condolences to his family.    

Celebrity Disc Jockey, DJ AM, Found Dead – Video

Adam’s Last Day:  Police offer details of DJ AM’s last day alive

DJ AM on Facebook , his Facebook Photos, & his Facebook Videos


small black twitter bird DJ_AM’s tweet stream is at:  @DJ_AM

(more of DJ_AM’s tweets after the jump)

@Deerheart7 – Joins Tweet Valley Twibe

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deerheart7 20090817

Regina Moran (@deerheart7 ) is a blogger, writer, and tweeter!   She enjoys helping &

sharing.  She lives life consciously.  Her passions:  hey guy & her two (lucky) goldens.


orange twitter bird on whiteFollow @deerheart7 on twitter!

Tweet Cottage – A House That Tweets!

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Stanford Clark's Cottage Tweets About Lighting On the Isle of Wight, from a 16th Century Cottage comes tweets! 

Andy Stanford-Clark, an IBM computer engineer, who lives on the Isle of Wight, in the UK, and in a 16th century thatched  Elizabethan Cottage, has wired up his home to twitter!

  The building ‘itself’ can tweet!

Tweet Cottage - Stanford Clark Window Open

Andy wired his home with sensors to tweet status updates i.e. “A mouse has been caught in the study.”  Any device in the house can send a message to twitter about what it’s doing!  Andy receives tweets to his mobile phone about open windows, left-on lights, mouse traps and broken garden hoses.  The house tweets it’s energy use every time an additional $16 has been spent on utilities.  Andy predicts this technology will be available to every home in just two to three years.



Andy Stanford-Clark



Andy Stanford-Clark on Twitter

Andy’s House on Twitter

World Changing – Can Twitter Help Us To Save Energy At Home?



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