15 Most Popular Twitter Clients

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Here is an Infographic of Top 15 Twitter Applications.  First Place  goes to Tweet Deck, although I would rate HootSuite as a close second!

Which is your favorite app for tweeting?

How Much Twitter Is Right For You?


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 Michelle MauraMichelle Maura is an Organizational Psychologist, singer and Yoga teacher. She practices Mantra Yoga Meditation and Hatha Yoga, while studying Yoga philosophy. Michelle shares her thoughts on her blog Thoughts Are Things, while also contributing at Intent.com. She focuses on the importance of looking at the positive side of every situation in life and always moving forward. You can follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/michellemaura.


There are infinite uses one can give to Twitter– from online marketing, to sharing interesting information to filling in moments of boredom or loneliness. There are also varying degrees of Twitter usage– there’s the user that will go online for 20 minutes a day and check older tweets as mini emails, there’s the person who logs on after every break to update others and themselves on the day’s happenings, and there are the hard core users who use software like Tweet Deck or have apps on their mobiles to notify them of every tweet possible, audio alert and scheduled tweets included.

Whether you are new to the vast and still growing Twitterverse or already feel established your tweet space, you might have asked yourself this question just how much Twitter is good for you. Here are a few questions that might help you get your answer.

twitter montage  How much Twitter is good for you?

  • Are you using social media to establish your product or company on the market, and would like to enjoy the advantages Twitter offers?
  • Are you aiming to promote yourself because you like the idea of being a microcelebity?
  • Are you going through a lonely stage in real life and hoping to meet fellow tweeters and feel more connected?
  • Are you engaged in your goals and activities and simply like the additional social advantages of Twitter?
  • Are you only looking to share information with like minded people, or learn new things from those who think differently?

Twitter Lists – How They Work


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Leo Laporte twitter lists

OK, now you can “Pump Up” your twitter! 

Our dynamic trio – Jack, Biz and Evan – have released their biggest feature update: 

Twitter Lists!


Twitter lists are a way for you to group people you follow into categories.  Provided here for your twitter convenience is a short guide on how to create and use them:

1.  Click “create new list” in the new section on the right in the sidebar.

2.  Name it and choose whether to make it private or public.

3.  Add people you are following to your new list by visiting your following page and use the drop down menu beside each username or go to their profile page and use the drop down menu to add them to your list.


follow leo's list

 Sharing your list:  Once you’ve created a list and assuming it’s a public list, you can share the URL with anyone.  Also, you can follow other’s lists!

Twitter created a list of all their staff here.

And I created a list of the Tweet Valley Team here.

Tip:  When you click on a team URL, you will see the teams member’s tweets.  If you would like to see who is on the team, just add “/members” to the team URL or click “following” and you will see a page with the team members listed (see example below.)


Issues with this new list feature:

#1 You can’t add yourself to a list you have created.

#2 You can only add people you follow

#3 It’s hard to add people to your list

#4 No way for people to know you are following them

#6 No way to “follow-the-list-except-that-guy-who-tweets-too-much”

#7 You can’t import/export lists

#8 No stats or analytics

#9 No dynamic lists



If you would like to avoid these issues just ignore twitter’s lists and use TweepML to establish and share groups of twitter users.



I am on the Tweet Valley team, but since I created this list I’m not included on the list: add “/members” to the team URL or click “following” and you will see a page with the team members listed

Tweet Valley Team List 20091018

Social Media Tracking Tools – Part I, Twitter Counter

Posted by Kevin McIntyre | Posted in Tools | Posted on 16-09-2009

Twitter Counter is a great tool for looking at where you are now in the Twittersphere and where you might be headed.  There is a free version and a paid version.  Depending on what level of detail you want.  You decide.  It makes nice predictions and keeps track of your progress over time once you sign up for an account.

twittercounter eq

Get Twitter Bios at a Glance

Posted by David Druckenmiller | Posted in Tools, Twitter | Posted on 28-08-2009

I guess real “expert” or “power” Twitter-ers enjoy and use some sort of desktop client like Tweetdeck, Nambu, or Seesmic to manage their Twitter account. But for me, I seem to have reverted back to the standard Twitter browser interface … with one caveat, I use Firefox … primarily for one very convenient script (or add-on by Al’s Scripts) that turns your following-follower page listings from this:


into this:


If your tweets contain such sayings as “Get more followers, instantly!” or “Find targeted followers in seconds” or “affiliate schemes” then this feature may not be critical 🙂 … BUT if you are using Twitter for quality and not quantity then having follower-following bio’s listed in this manner is a tremendous help in separating the good from the bad on your account, or identifying a friend of interest on another user’s account.

(I’m in the MAC world so perhaps my PC brethren could chime in, but I am pretty sure the steps below are the same for PC’s as well.)

Step 1 – Install the free download of FireFox.

Step 2 – After the installation is complete, launch. Now download and install Greasmonkey.

If you are unfamiliar with Firefox add-ons then you might like this wiki article about Greasemonkey which is in essentially a JavaScript enabler for the FireFox browser.

Step 3 – Restart FireFox. Now download and install at Al’s scripts the script “Twitter Friend Bios at a Glance”. The explanations for install are pretty clear … really just hit the green install button and follow the prompts.

Step 4 – Now, go to your Twitter follower or following page and separate the wheat from the chaff.


[ Hey! follow @imusicmash, the writer of “Al’s Scripts”, on twitter too. ]

Search Twitter and Google At The Same Time


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Stephanie Bechham search twitter & google

Stephanie Beckham (@sbeckham) tweeted this morning about a cool way to

search both twitter and google at the same time.

Twiogle – lets you perform a Google and Twitter search at the same time, helping you get more relevant search results by displaying real time twitter search and Google search results.    Also visit the twiogle blog and twiogle on twitter!


Stephanie Beckham is Sales & Marketing Director & online Idea Strategist at BrainJocks AND a huge football fan! (Go Dawgs!)


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3 Ways to Put Twitter on Autopilot


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There are only so many hours in the day… and all of us (well, except for maybe Chris Brogan) have other commitments outside of social media. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just put Twitter on autopilot? You can, but first…

Remember, Twitter is about having conversations and building relationships. The more you automate, the less you converse. Use these tools as a way to spark and enhance conversations, not as a way to step back from Twitter completely. Okay, now on to the tools.

Schedule Tweets for a Later Time

Using TweetLater you can schedule individual tweets to be posted at a later time. You can choose either a specific time (i.e. October 13, at 12:40 PM) or a certain interval from now (i.e. 3 hours from now).


TweetLater also has a paid version (starting at $29.97/month) that allows you to setup recurring tweets. The web service also has other features to help you manage your Twitter stream such as automatically following people who follow you (or unfollowing people who unfollow you), and can manage an unlimited number of accounts.

Twitter Search – In Plain English

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How Twitter Search creates new opportunities for plugging in, tracking news in real time and discovering trends.


What This Video Teaches


This video uses a metaphor of “Twitterville” to illustrate the opportunities to use the Twitter Search feature to find people and information, read news and discover emerging information.  It teaches how Twitter Search:

  • Helps people listen to what others are saying
  • Creates a real-time news source
  • Makes trending topics visible
  • Connects related information with hashtags
  • Helps businesses listen to customer feedback



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TweetDeck – Twitter Control Center


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By Kent Beatty of Talent Media Group – Follow him @kentbeatty

This post was originally published at KentBeatty.com on June 18, 2009

TweetDeck has been my Twitter Control Center for several months and now with Version 0.26 it’s even more powerful:

TweetDeck Beta page

Newest features:

  • Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts – (for you split personality types)
  • Sync and Backup – to keep your TweetDeck safe
  • Spam button – use this to avoid twitter spam
  • iPhone – take all your TweetDeck favorites, groups, columns etc. with you!

Other features:

  • Columns -You can display one column or many columns. I typically keep 10 columns open.