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Twitter’s first name wasn’t twitter but Twttr (inspired by Flickr :). Here’s an infographic that shows all the latest statistics on twitter – with a few projections for the future as well.

Twitter 2012

Via: Infographics Lab 

Twitter Me Some Love

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Twitter has changed some people’s lives by allowing us to connect with kindred spirits and talk about a wide variety of subjects.  Looking to express what your twitter friends mean to you? This Twitter Love Song is written and produced by Marcome & Bruno Pelletier.   The song takes inspiration from songwriter Marcome’s (@Marcome) Twitter friendship with Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu), according to the song’s YouTube profile.   “I would really like to give a huge thank you to Reg Saddler for inspiring me to do this Twitter Song project,” Marcome says in the profile. “I’m grateful to my friends and followers on Twitter who gave me so much love and kindness. I’m proud to be alive because you are there with me!” As the song goes:

Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you
Twitter me some love

Watch the video:

Marcome (pronounced Marko-may) is a singer songwriter from Canada.  She was born in Quebec and speaks both English and French.  Gifted with a pure voice, she blends lyrics and fuses different world influences with jazz style and classical vocals.  Check out her website and blog where she talks about the making of the Twitter Me Some Love and the Music Video.   Click here pics of Marcome.  Bruno Pelletier is also a vocalist from Quebec.   For info on him go here and for pics of Bruno here.

Check out this article on Marcome and her Twitter love song by Simone Preuss

image courtesy of Marcomé

Recent Tweets–Cool Links

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How Much Twitter Is Right For You? Nice post by @michellemaura at TweetValley

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15 Most Popular Twitter Clients

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Here is an Infographic of Top 15 Twitter Applications.  First Place  goes to Tweet Deck, although I would rate HootSuite as a close second!

Which is your favorite app for tweeting?

Pluggio – Makes Twitter Easy

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 Pluggio (which is entirely web based) does much more than fix Twitter’s shortcomings.  It  manages to create an entire workflow system around Twitter that makes it easy to manage nearly every aspect of your Tweeting life. 

This is a really great twitter client, simple enough for everyone

yet powerful enough for power tweeters!


Use this to publish “Rolling Tweets”!  A rolling tweet is essentially a bunch of tweets that are titles of articles that others have written that include the link to those articles for my networks to check out. These posts are generated by the RSS feeds I choose to have pulling into my RSS section. has a suggested follow and unfollow feature. Each day when I login to my account, I am given up to 20 suggestions of people to follow and unfollow based on my bio and keywords.

You can have multiple Twitter accounts synced to one Pluggio account – Very handy!

Pluggio Blog

unfollowable 12 Adorable Twitter Cartoons

What Is The Future of Work?


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In the future, location will not matter…

Say goodbye to cubicle nation…

Think about this:  The Future of Work is YOU!!!

Wherever You are…


A Millennial in B2B Marketing


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Katie Martell Katie Martell is a Marketing Manager at NetProspex, a B2B startup outside Boston, MA that provides verified B2B contact information that has been crowd sourced by a community of users.  She works with marketing/PR strategy, promotional design, and new media, with a portfolio of freelance and entrepreneurial fun.  She believes in the power of new media and the creative ways in which it makes meaningful connections…but values your ability to hold a conversation unplugged.

First, a bit of introduction before my first post on TweetValley: 

My name is Katie Martell, I’m a millennial in B2B marketing, and Twitter got me a job.

I’m living proof that combining valuable content and insightful comments makes Twitter a useful, powerful tool.


My Talking Bird - Little Miss Sunshine

Photo by Sarah H (@SJean11

For me, twitter is a new platform for the fundamentals. Social media, with all of its hype and what many predict to be a short-lived glory, is a powerful new place for the fundamentals

But you’re already reading a blog about Twitter – there’s no need to convince you that there is now a necessary and important place for it in our lives.

Who do need convincing are many B2B marketers. (Not all, just many.) Recently I attending a breakfast/panel discussion for those in the marketing automation field.  Social media was brought up for discussion, dutifully, and I was surprised at how quickly it was disregarded as hype/just the latest trend.

Booming Social Networks


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This post was originally posted at as The Rise of Social Networks.

This Social Networks Infographic spans the timeline from 1995 up until today.  You’ll notice the really large social networks exploded into existence during the 2003 – 2006 period. Twitter had a rather late beginning:

Boom of OnlineCommunities

What’s next?  For one thing: Personal Branding.  According to Chad Levitt, parts of the next wave of innovation will revolve around social networks, personal brands, massive amounts of data, collaboration and making senese of it all to create value.  Also, expect more internal company social networking.

Infographic courtesy of Chad Levitt at his New Sales Economy Blog

For more on Personal Branding check out Dan Schwabel’s blog.  Dan is the author of the book: , Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 2009)

The Future of Twitter – Loic LeMeur’s 34 Predictions


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Loic LeMeur (founder and CEO of has:

– 34 predictions about the future of twitter –

  • It will reach masses of people
  • They won’t use the same tools as we do
  • It will not be only about Twitter
    -status updates will be open across social software
    -all social software will have status updates
    -Facebook has 40+ million updates a day
  • Twitter will still be dominant in status updates
    it’s the motherboard on which we plug in
  • We will laugh thinking we were updating them all manually
  • The social graph will also open up
  • Twitter will be big to get an idea of a person or a brand reputation
    not by number of followers but mostly influence with retweeting and lists
    lets you think like that person thinks

Laura Fitton’s Advice 4 Success on Twitter


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Laura Fitton 4 words

Laura Fitton, twitter pioneer, author of “Twitter for Dummies” and CEO of new startup oneforty, shares her #1 tip for success on twitter:

Be Selfless

Other tips that Laura offers for any social media platform are: listen, learn, care, and serve. If these rules are applied, she says, “You will absolutely have success.”

Source: The Secret to Success on Twitter, published at Web Pro News Nov 4, 2009